“Move On” MV

official music video for original song written and performed by Axl Avenido, featuring Jared Machado

Directed & Produced by
Soorim Lee

Cinematographer & Assistant Producer
Jaxon Schriever

** Temporarily unavailable for the public because it has been submitted to film festivals. Please contact me via “Contact” function on this site if you would like to view this film. Thank you! **

“It’s a song to represent the feeling of being nowhere but at that point, it’s a matter of making the decision to go somewhere.” – Axl Avenido

“If you ever felt alone… stuck in life of challenges, feeling like you are constantly resetting instead of making progress… then this is a song for you. You are not alone in feeling this way. Keep moving forward. Believe in yourself and those who believe in you. Let’s reach out to one another more often… be there for each other and commit ourselves to acts of kindness.” – Soorim Lee

“It shows how ‘moving on’ doesn’t mean we forget the past, but that we can fondly remember it and prepare ourselves for future experiences and friendships/relationships.” – Jaxon Schriever

Pasadena & Newport Beach 2018

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