Golden Paper Roses

This film brings silent films and musicals together, following Marigold’s journey to fame. Inspired by classics like “The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari,” “Broken Blossoms,” “Island of Lost Souls,” and more, this film explores and blends together various classic tropes and genres of cinema history to ambitiously think through history of cinema in a fresh lens.

Directed by
Soorim Lee
& Olivia Stone

Produced by
Soorim Lee
& Olivia Stone

Written by
Adam Glusker

Music, Lyric, & Score by
Victoria Alejandro

Bernadette Bridges, Gus O’Connor, Jacob Iglitzin, Erin Hilgartner, Carolina Teson, Adam Glusker

Additional Score
“Forgotten” by Whitesand
“Impromptu in Quarter” by Kevin MacLeod
“Unknown” by Unknown

Special Thanks to
Robert King
Julie Peters
Columbia University

* The Oracle character is not a commentary on any religion, but reference to early cinema characters.*
**Caligari Films is fictional production company in this film.**

New York, New York

** Temporarily unavailable for the public because it has been submitted to film festivals. Please contact me via “Contact” function on this site if you would like to view this film. Thank you! **

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