Bear Mountain

I only had one day off for fall break this year because I worked on Tuesdays and we got Monday and Tuesday off. So, I stayed in the city for the longer weekend, spending most of my time with Tina.

We wanted to make sure that we go out of town at least for a day because we knew that the rest of the semester holds a very busy life within New York City for both of us.

So, on Monday of fall break, we headed out to Bear Mountain with Meredith.

We took the train to Peekskill Station and then an Uber driver drove us to Bear Mountain. This is when our adventure took an unexpected turn.

Turns out, Tina didn’t do as much research as we thought. We didn’t know where to be dropped off exactly, since she just assumed there would be an obvious trail entrance… which there was… but we found it much later.

After some driving, the driver dropped us off somewhere along the main road and we began our walk back to where we thought we saw a trail entrance. After walking for a bit, we ran into some Chinese tourists who were taking photos. Tina talked with them about directions and we entered a trail-looking path that was near by. According to Tina, they seemed just as lost as us and she ended up giving them more direction. Still, we just kept walking, following yellow marks along the path—good thing Meredith is an experience hiker.

The more we walked, the more it became evident that we were walking through the returning path of a longer trail. Regardless, we kept walking, enjoying the beautiful fall colors and brisk autumn air that surrounded us to lift up our spirits.

Towards the end of our trail walk… well, we found the entrance to the trail.

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