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Fall Rally is THE event of Key Club International. For Region 3 of District CNH, annual Fall Rally occurs at Six Flags: Magic Mountain. At Fall Rally, all divisions of various regions of CNH comes with their division and Key Club pride. We cheer, we give free hugs, scream on rides until our voice is gone, and share food. You can be just walking around when someone yells to your group, “HOW DO YOU FEEL?!” We would then have to reply with the KC tradition: “WE FEEL GOOD. OH WE FEEL SO GOOD – OH! – WE FEEL FINE ALL OF THE TIME! ABOOGA! ABOOGA! ABOOGA-BOOGA-BOOGA!” Sometime during the day, each region meets for their Spirit Session, where we bid on our division and district leaders to spend time with our division. All money are donated to charity like PTP (Pediatric Trauma Program). We raised more than $3000 in just Division 4E alone!