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August 23, 2015   |  


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School starts in two days for me. I have officially finished my summer homework, and since the day is almost over, I now have one more full day to enjoy my freedom. However, I am actually quite thrilled to be going back to school. I have lost touch with many friends this summer because they were traveling all over the world, and I would love to see them again.

I also now have the excuse to buy a new planner. Mine expired in July, and tomorrow’s number one shopping item is a planner that goes through till next July. It’s quite exciting to buy a new planner or a calendar. It makes me feel like I’m getting a fresh start, and filling out the days with events and works are satisfying in many ways.

Also, in beginning of the school year, mostly everyone is enthused. Yes, they hate having more homework and having to wake up early, but most are happy to be back with their friends. I have a friend who has been joyfully counting down to the day we get back since few weeks back after getting a new backpack. I was just starting my summer homework back then, so I didn’t appreciate her chatter of school coming soon. Now, I am thrilled with her. I can’t help to smile when I remember the amount of excitement she expressed over our chats.

Well, it’s the time when I say something that’s become sort of my catch line: “I look forward to the upcoming adventures, my friend.”