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“Watch your language” – Captain America

In general terms: yes, Avengers 2 is quite fantastic. I was definitely entertained, and even though I’m may not be the biggest Marvel fan out there that knows everything about the comics and the movies, I was excited both before and after the film.

The scale is definitely WAY OUT THERE. You thought Avengers was epic? The visual effects, costuming, cinematography, etc. were just as – no – much more epic than the first film. The Avengers was amazing, but Avengers 2? It’s yet another step forward.

I think that out of everything the actors in the film sold it. The fact that they all actually like working each other in real life shows on screen. They are a team.

I liked that Hawkeye’s character was more developed, although for me the somewhat of a big surprise felt a bit too sudden (It’s probably because I don’t know the comics 100%). But it was definitely nice to see his story being introduced and to see him being more part of the Avengers team. Jeremy Renner did well and have impressed me. Some may disagree, but that’s okay.

As always it was satisfying to see the two science boys- Stark and Banner – together on screen. Banner and Romanoff… – well you would need to watch it. Some may disagree on this point too, but again, it’s okay.

The new characters were better than I expected. And Ultron definitely scared me.

Seeing Jarvis – well that too – you got to watch for yourselves.

Joss Whedon, please continue making films – whether that’d be the next Avengers (hopefully) or a comedy or a drama, your work continues to amaze and inspire me.