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Based in New York City, NY, and Orange County and Los Angeles, CA, Soorim Lee is a
filmmaker and photographer, focusing on writing, directing, and editing. From
documentaries to science fiction short films, she enjoys exploring various genres and
types of films. Lover of collaboration and storytelling, she is excited to continue to create
content that inspires her audience to think, to feel, and to improve our world one step at
a time. Currently, she is studying Film and Media Studies at Columbia University in the
City of New York. Previously, she majored in Film and Television at critically acclaimed
high school, Orange County School of the Arts and graduated with honors.

Note: “Margo” is a pseudonym used by Soorim for her photography work, which is why
the watermark on her photos is “Margo S. Lee.” Please, call me Soorim (Sue – rim).


1ST PLACE, Seoul International Youth Film Festival (2016)

Best Music Video (Bronze) IMDB’s Independent Shorts Awards (October 2019)

TOP-12 in Division, Austin Film Festival (2016)

“Future Filmmaker” Official Selection, Los Angeles Film Festival (2016)

Director’s Award, Film and Television OCSA (2017)

Honorable Mention: Artist of the Year 2017, OC Registrar (2017)

Vision Award, Film and Television OCSA (2017)

National Project Ed Film Contest (2015)
– Grand Prize for PSA, Honorable Mention for other PSA

OCSA Film & Television (2014-2017)
– Iron Filmmaker MVP Award (2016, 2015)
– Best Student in: 3rd Year, 2nd Year, 1st Year, Industrial Video, Film History, TV
Production I, Production I
– Best Director, nominee (2016)
— Best Picture, nominee (2017)

Official Selection, Newport Beach Film Festival (2015, 2014)

1ST PLACE (Commercial), SoCal Student Film Festival (2014)

Tustin Film Festival (2016, 2015)
– 3rd Place Documentary, 3rd Place Narrative Film

1ST PLACE, Cerritos Library Photography Contest (2013)

2018 Reel

Travelers of Alaska


I chose filmmaking because it is extremely collaborative and it allows me to explore countless topics.
It fulfills my curious mind and takes me on unique journeys.
“I think there are advantages to different scales of filmmaking. You wouldn’t want to do just one thing.”
– Christopher Nolan

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As the photographer, you capture the moment; A good photographer will be able convey the emotion of the scene in just one shot.
“I try to use whatever I know about photography to be of service to the people I’m photographing.”
– James Nachtwey


Do you have an idea to share with me–photoshoots, video works, etc.? Feel free to contact me for any photo or videography service! I’m open to just a casual discussion about the universe as well. Cheers, Soorim (Margo)